About Us

Company Profile

Welcome to Adwaa Car Rental Company – In 2002 Adwaa Car Rental Company was launched. It was established in, Al salama neighbourhood, in Jeddah. Under a carefully delineated strategy the Company moved forward with the implementation of its expansion plans in the car rental market. Confidence grew early between the Company and its customers. The quality of service and attention given to the customer led to more increased demand for car rental service. This enabled the Company to proceed with expanding its activity to provide services for its customers wherever they are. The company opened its branches one after the other. Its branches have spread all over the Kingdom. The company deals with its customers in a professional way that puts the customer in the forefront of its attention and it harnesses its various capabilities to provide the best services to its customers through a package of programs and services aimed at enabling the customers to enjoy around the clock services , support and assistance that lives up to their expectations .

Our Mission

We strive to provide our clients of individuals, corporate sector the best services that meet their needs and desires. This comes through providing a range of innovative and unique services and a fleet of cars distinguished by diversity in all categories.
With our permanent endeavor that selecting us, is (the comfort of selection).

Our Values

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Our Vision

Honesty and integrity in dealing with clients.
Compliance with public regulations and traditions.
Effective contribution in serving the community and its growth.